Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meeting our PM..

Soooooo...  we break ground on Monday, November 3rd!!!  Wooohooo!!!
Our project manager is great!  We went over all of the choices and everything was correct :)
Our meeting was a little over an hour and we asked a ton of questions and we got all of the answers we were looking for.  
Here are some pictures I forgot to post before..  

My husband and I putting our sold sticker on..

Taking selfies with our sold sign :)

Our dirt!

Our siding and color door

Stone we picked for the knee high walls under the porch and around the garage

Just testing out the tub and shower :)  I cant wait for that master bathroom!!!


  1. Nice! I can't wait to see your progress! Your home is going to be gorg!!!

  2. Once they break ground it just flies!! Good luck!

    1. Don't lie to them. You know it's a long, slow process fraught with disappointment and frustration. Lol

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  4. You guys looked so happy. Im sure we'll feel the same delight